Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finally! Summer Weather at Noble Gardens.

Aaron & Reuben riding the mulch layer
After rain that just didn't seem to let up we finally are seeing the sun again.  That means that we can also get busy and try to catch up on all the things that need to be done.  We managed to get half of the mulch beds in before the last rain.  The mulch layer is a very handy machine.  It lays the plastic mulch, buries the edges and lays the dripper tape all in one pass.

Once the sun came out again we were ready and very anxious to get the transplants into the ground.  They are late because of all the rain but they did very well in the greenhouse and were very healthy plants going in.  The plants all have a solid root ball which makes them easy to handle.  With the kids helping lay out the plants, Tim poking the holes and Brenda planting we were able to move along very quickly today.  We have learned that the best time to be out in the garden is very early in the morning (the mosquitoes are all sleeping yet then!)
Today we finished all the cabbages, broccoli and cauliflower.  The beds look pretty impressive when they are all full of plants!
We must admit we are falling behind on the weeding but our first goal right now is to get all the transplants done so they can get growing.  The peas are blooming well so we should be picking that in just a few short weeks.  The strawberries have also finally started flowering.  They are at least three weeks behind but hopefully they will start catching up now.  The mesclun looks beautiful and is almost ready to go and the radishes are quickly getting there also.  We are hoping that summer is finally here to stay!
Peas blooming -June 22,2011
Mesclun salad mix
Strawberries flowering

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