Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Harvest Begins at Noble Gardens

 Now that the mulch beds are all in we have been working very hard to get all the transplants in.  There were alot of them and some of the plants had pleasant surprises for us.  How exciting to see the fruit coming on the plants!

golden zuchinni - 1/4 inch long
summer squash - 1/2"big

Although we are a few weeks late, it sure feels good to be able to start delivering veggies.  It seems as though as soon as everything is finally in the garden it is already time to start taking things out again.  The first harvest basket included mesclun salad greens, spinach, snow peas and a basil plant to enjoy all summer.
Now we are on week two of CSA deliveries.  This week we are adding beets to the basket as well. 
The peas have tons of fruit on them!
The beets hide underground so they are always a surprise when you first pull them out.  We were pleasantly surprised by the size of the beets and Sarah was happy to help get them on the wash table. 
Hats off to our children for all the hard work they are doing in the garden.  They have pulled tons of weeds with us and now they finally get to start helping with the harvest.  We could not do without the "many hands that make light work"!


  1. That was a hummer of a storm we got last night... I was praying that it didn't cause too much trouble for you over at the farm!

  2. Thankfully, there was no hail! We got a lot of moisture though. Our gum boots are about 4" thick of mud when we go out to harvest now!

  3. There was something incredibly spicy in my mesclun greens? Similar to horseradish. Any idea what that could be from? Are certain parts of the plant spicy? or could there have been another type of plant mixed in accidentally?

  4. Yes, it could well have been horseradish you noticed. The mesclun mix is a variety of several different types of greens, among them is leaf lettuce, romaine, chicory, endive, kale, mustard, arugula, etc. The seed is all planted mixed and so we harvest exactly as it grows. Hope you enjoyed it!

  5. This was my first exposure to mesclun greens straight from a farm... my husband loved it, but my daughter found it way too spicy to eat. We're not very adventurous vegetable eaters, but we're working on changing that, one basket at a time! :)