Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spuds and Carrots are Ready to Harvest

The baskets are starting to fill up nicely now as more and more things are ready to harvest.  The first of the onions have been delivered and this week we dug the first potatoes as well.  We go down the row and mow the tops off first and then go through with the furrower and dig the potatoes up.  This is definitely a family affair.  Everyone helps out from the oldest to the youngest, even the neighbour kids are happy to come and help for a bit. 

 Carrots are also a lot of work because they all need to be dug and then topped and washed.  Tim digs, Brenda and the kids top and then the carrot train forms to get them to the truck and home again!

 We have no problem getting rid of cracked carrots - our little farmers gobble them right up (dirt and all for Sarah!!)
Once the carrots are on the truck it is time to go back and start packaging!  What a truck load!!

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